Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Four New Blocks and a Triangle

The Journey with my Modern Jane continues. I am in week 4 of a group effort to make this beautiful quilt. I am posting pictures tonight of my completed blocks, and will also post some shots of how I constructed the triangle, as I found that to be the most challenging of the group. I used a combination of techniques...from Sharon Schamber's "pieclaque" method, as well as good old fashioned freezer paper. I also reviewed the tutorial on "That Quilt" (see and came up with my plan of attack!! Thank you to all the experts out there helping me with my piecing and applique skills!

The four completed blocks are H4, A7, H3, A9 and LS10. LS10 was the most challenging, so here is the method to my madness. I started with two strips of fabric, the light and the dark. Both were about 3 inches wide, and about 9 inches long.

After cutting those out, I took freezer paper and cut the shape of the brown fabric on the paper. I ironed it to the backside of the brown fabric, then cut out the shape, adding 1/4 inch around the entire rectangle.

My next steps were to iron back the cut-outs, where the cream fabric will go. I snipped each one several times, as close to the seam line as possible. I then ironed them back.

I next removed the freezer paper and put glue around the edges. I then placed the brown fabric on top of the cream fabric and ironed it down to "seal" the glue. I then did an applique blanket stitch around the piece..and voila..there she is.

My last step was to attach the bottom strip to the rest of the triangle, then cut it to size.

I seem to be having trouble uploading my last set of images. I'll do what I can to get them on, but the last step is pretty self-explanatory.

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